Tachiyomi for PC- Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac Download

Tachiyomi is a popular app that allows you to read any Manga you like. Manga has now become a genre, referring to Japanese comic books. In recent years, manga has gained people’s interest all over the world.

This application allows you to read a wide range of manga books from a single platform for free. This application is available on the play store, but it is not available for the PC. The good news is that now you can download this application on a PC and enjoy reading comics on a bigger screen.

In this article, we will explain to you how to download the Tachiyomi for PC. We will also discuss the information about this app.

Why Should You Use the Tachiyomi App?

Are you one such person who is addicted to the manga? This application is for you. The Tachiyomi app saves you from the hassle of finding comics here and there.

Also, it is affordable. Instead of buying expensive hard copies, you can read unlimited books on a single platform.

Features of the Tachiyomi App


This application has many interesting features that make it the reader’s favorite. Here is a list of features this application offers.

  • Huge Variety

This application gets manga comics from more than thirty sources. This app offers all kinds of manga. You can easily find and read any book you like.

  • Free

The Tachiyomi app has many free comics. Moreover, this app is ad-free. No pop-ups or ads will ruin your reading experience.

  • Modes

You can switch between the dark and light modes in this app.

  • Easy To Use

This application has a user-friendly interface. With the search feature, you can easily look for any book in your mind. If you do not know what to read, you can sort books by name, genre, and rank. You can also access your search history.

  • Download

You can download the book pages to access them offline. This app offers you a faster downloading speed. An interesting feature it offers is “schedule download.” With this feature, you can download one chapter and start reading it, and automatically download the next chapter.

  • Convenient Reading

This application saves your reading progress to save you from any inconvenience. Every time you open a book, you can continue reading from where you last left. You can access various libraries and even create your own. It also offers you a ‘Dual’ page view with an easy swapping option to improve your experience. You can bookmark any page you want and take screenshots of any page. These features make this application users’ first choice.

  • Preview

You can also see a book preview and info like ratings before reading the book.

How to Download Tachiyomi for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)?

As mentioned earlier, this application is not available for PC, but you can still download it. Downloading Tachiyomi on PC is easy and takes a few steps. Here is how you can get this app on a PC.

Step 1: Download an Emulator

If you already have an emulator, you can ignore this step and use that. An emulator is a great app that allows you to download any android app on your PC or Mac. Find a link to download an emulator. There is a separate link for mac users. Select the link to start the download. See progress in the taskbar.

Step 2: Load the Emulator

When the download is completed, open the downloaded file. In the case of most emulators, it is an executable file. When you open it, it will take a few seconds. Allow it the accessing permission. Your computer will restart, and you will see it downloaded on your desktop screen.

Step 3: Open Play Store

After opening the emulator, find the play store. You can type in to search if you do not find it on the front page. Open the play store and sign in with your Gmail.

Step 4: Download the App

After logging in to the play store, you can easily download this app as you do on your phone. Search for the Tachiyomi app and start downloading it. Find the downloaded app on your computer, and you are good to go. The app is here for you, and now you can enjoy tons of manga comics.

Alternative for MAC

If you are a MAC user or cannot find this app on the play store and app store, you can still get it. For this, you will have to install an APK file.

You can easily find the APK link for this app. Download the APK file on your computer. Depending on what emulator you are using, you may drag and drop the link to download the app.

Some emulators automatically find the APK files on your computer and ask you which one to download. After the download is complete, find the icon on your screen and start using the app.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tachiyomi for PC

1. How to use this app on a PC?

This application is quite easy to use. When you open this app, the library page will open by default. The following options will appear at the bottom of the screen.

  • Library

This tab will contain all the books you are reading.

  • Updates

See relevant updates in this tab.

  • History

See your reading history. You can enable incognito mode to hide your history.

  • Browse

Using this option, you can access a variety of extensions and sources of manga available. All the sorting and other features mentioned above are available in this option.

  • More

This option will allow you to view various settings like changing mode, about, or help.

2. Is this Application Secure to Download?

It is an open-source app and completely legal. Feel free to download and use it on PC.

Final Words

To conclude, this fantastic app allows you to enjoy your favorite comics anywhere and whenever you want. This application is easy to download and use. The fun features make your experience even better. This application is ad-free, so there is no disturbance in your reading. You can get the Tachiyomi app on PC and dive into the magical world of your favorite manga comics.