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Using the TechCalc Scientific Calculator for PC to compute complicated mathematical equations or problems can greatly reduce your headache. With this calculator, you will be able to see the full expressions and the running total in realtime.

It also allows you to select different modes, the Algebraic and Reverse Polish Notation or RPN. The TechCalc Scientific Calculator also has other calculation modes such as basic calculator, scientific of course, Hex/Oct/Bin, graph, matrices, complex numbers and many more.

When using graphs, it also allows you to plot up to 7 graphs on the same axis. The other great feature of this app is it has a 3D surface plots and an equation solver that you can use to solve both linear and polynomial equations.

In order to use the TechCalc Scientific Calculator on PC Windows or Mac, you need to install a third-party application. This software is an android emulator. You can get this tool easily by using your favorite search engine.

However, before doing that we advise you to read the minimum system requirements before using this method. You can go and see the minimum requirements on your own or read the details below.

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What Are The Requirements For Running The TechCalc Scientific Calculator For PC – Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac

An emulator program can be run even if you are using older hardware. But make sure you have the following specs to make sure you will be able to use this on your computer.

  • Almost any emulator program needs to have a good processor on your CPU. They stated that an emulator requires a capable of running a minimum of 1GHz to run it properly.
  • The processor is not the only thing that it needs, it also requires a memory. If you have a 2GB and above, you will be able to run the TechCalc Scientific Calculator on PC without RAM issues.
  • It requires a spare hard disk space on your drive before downloading and installing it. A 10 GB is more than enough for the download file and installation of the emulator program.

Now, the other aspect that you need to check is the software installed on your computer. If you have a computer with Mac OS running, you can skip this part since this is only a requirement for the Windows OS.

  • Check if you have installed the Visual C++ Redistributable. If not, you can get the installer by checking the website of Microsoft. Be sure to download the latest version and then install it later.
  • You might also need the .Net Framework. Some emulators require it, some are don’t but to make sure, install this into your PC. If you have a Windows 10 installed, this will be installed already so your other option is to upgrade it.
  • The graphics driver needs to be correctly installed for an emulator program to work properly. Installing this will also install the DirectX and OpenGL which are the requirements of an emulator program.

After you set up everything listed above, the next step is to install the emulator program.

The Best Emulator For Installing The TechCalc Scientific Calculator For Windows Or Mac

When you tried to google the query of an android emulator, a lot of search results will appear on the search. However, you might be wondering which one install for The TechCalc Scientific Calculator For PC.

We recommend choosing the best and most popular software for this task. Its either BlueStacks or Nox App Player emulator. Both of these emulators can perform the task of running the TechCalc for PC.

Choose only one of the following emulators because they perform the same. If you want BlueStacks, you can read more information on the next topic below. Otherwise, scroll for more to skip the BlueStacks installation and check the Nox Player installation.

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Installing BlueStacks Emulator For Running The TechCalc Scientific Calculator App On A Computer

Now, if you decided to use this emulator to run the TechCalc app on PC Windows or Mac, you can get the installer of the BlueStacks by going in this link.

Click the download button on their website and save the installer to your computer. Hover your mouse into the installer and double click it to start.

On its installation window, check the “I Agree” option to make the install button clickable and then click it. Wait for the installation to finish and after that, locate the shortcut icon of BlueStacks emulator from your desktop.

Launch the BlueStacks emulator and it will open the window of the Play Store. Enter your account of Gmail in here to start integrating your account, else, you can also create a new account here and use your newly created Gmail account here.


Now, find the icon of the Play Store, you will be able to browse its apps after that. Next, you have to search for the TechCalc Scientific Calculator and download it once you’ve found this software.

In case you cannot find it, you can also view it here for the shortcut.

Once you finished downloading the TechCalc Scientific Calculator on your PC, you will be able to launch it from your desktop since BlueStacks will create a shortcut of it. Or find this app from the BlueStacks home.

Double click it and start using this app into your computer. Now you can enjoy the full benefits of this scientific calculator on your computer or laptop.

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How To Use TechCalc For PC With Nox Player Emulator

Another way to use this app into your computer is to use the Nox Player emulator. Using the Nox Player for running the TechCalc app on PC is very simple just make sure that you follow our guide above to ensure that you have the best PC compatibility.

Now, if you want the Nox Player, visit its website from this URL – And then find the download button for this emulator. Save the installer and run it from your computer.

Look for the installer you saved on your PC and run it. Now, follow its instruction by reading the indicated guide.

After you finished installing the Nox Player emulator, check your desktop and see if the shortcut is there. If not, go to the list of your programs and you will be able to see it there. Now, launch the Nox Player to start it.

Find the Google Play Store app and log in to your account details here. Once you are inside the Play Store, find the TechCalc Scientific Calculator app using the search to easily find it.

Click the download button once you have found this app to start saving it into your computer. Wait for it to finish and when it has done, you will be able to use the TechCalc Scientific Calculator app for PC.

Check the Nox Player home to find the shortcut icon of this scientific calculator app.

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How To Install This App From APK File

A good way for installing the TechCalc app on PC when the Play Store is blocked from your country is to use the APK file.

The APK file is a package installer for the Android Operating System. If you want to get it, you can use a google search using the query “TechCalc Scientific Calculator APK download”.

After you got the APK file of this app, open the BlueStacks or Nox and then click the “Install APK” button. Browse and open the APK file that you have downloaded earlier.

Now, follow the indicated instruction to install it successfully. And then, the TechCalc Scientific Calculator will be installed on your PC once you do that.

There’s a bit of a problem using this method though, it will require you to manually update it because you won’t be able to use the automatic updates from the Play Store using this method.

By the way, if you still want to proceed for the Play Store installation, you can get a free and strong VPN to unblock the Play Store.

How To Fix Slow Or Lag Issue Of TechCalc Scientific Calculator On PC

In some rare cases, you might be wondering why the TechCalc app is running slow. The probable cause for this issue is the virtualization being turned off. Enabling this option will enhance the speed emulation of your computer.

You can find this setting from the BIOS menu. Just remember, don’t modify other settings of your BIOS if you are unfamiliar with it to avoid problems of your computer.


Even though the TechCalc Scientific Calculator was designed for the Android Operating System, you can still use and enjoy this app on a computer. By following our guide, you will be able to use it freely and easily.

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