Luna VPN For PC – Free Download On Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac

Do you want to have a fast and reliable VPN for your computer? In that case, you need to use the Luna VPN for PC. This software was made for Android and iOS devices for the purpose of protecting the network.

You might notice that it was specifically designed for smartphones and tablets only. However, there’s a way to use the Luna VPN on Windows or Mac.

Using it will provide your computer to bypass network restriction enforced by your ISP or government. The good thing about this app is being free and does not need any subscription to use.

Now, if you want to use the Luna VPN for PC, you need to install an emulator software into your computer. Installing it is easy and can be done by anyone. But you need to make sure that your computer is compatible with it.

It requires hardware and some software prerequisite installed into your computer. To check whether your computer or laptop can run the emulator, please refer to the guide before you can install this VPN app. For more VPN, check and download the Browsec App For Windows & Mac – Free.

How To Prepare Your Computer For Running The Luna VPN For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac

The Luna VPN app on a computer does not require high specs or a powerful PC. But if you are not sure if your PC can run it, you need to check the requirements below:

  • It needs a processor that can run a minimum speed of 1 GHz. Most computer nowadays is capable of running at this speed.
  • The emulator program also requires that you have a RAM with a 2 GB memory or better.
  • Before downloading the emulator software, you must have spare free space on your hard drive. Make sure to have at least 10 – 20 GB or better before you save the installer into your computer.

The next is software, make sure that you have the following on your Windows computer or laptop before you download and install the emulator. Also, this will be applicable only for the Windows OS. For Mac users, you can go to the installation of the emulator and Luna VPN app on PC.

  • A lot of the best emulators for Windows will require your computer to have an installed .Net framework. This can be download and install easily by grabbing the package from the Microsoft website.
  • Next, you need to install the C++ Redistributable. It can also be found from the Microsoft site. Save the installer into your computer run it.
  • The OpenGL and DirectX must also be installed on your computer. To install this easily, update your drivers for GPU. It is usually included in the driver package.

Once you follow the procedure above, your computer or laptop is ready to install the Luna VPN for PC.

Installation Of BlueStacks To Run Luna VPN App On Windows Or Mac

The emulator that you can use for installing the Luna VPN on your computer is BlueStacks. The emulator setup can be downloaded from their website. Check this link for its website –

Now, save and the installer into your hard drive and run it. After that, follow the indicated instruction from its installation window by checking the “I accept” box.

The install will now be clickable, click it and wait for the installation to finish. The shortcut of the BlueStacks will be located on the desktop. Find and execute to run it on your PC.

Once you run it, the window of the Play Store will appear. Supply the login page with a correct Gmail account. Now continue to sync it so you can access the Play Store later.

After you’ve successfully integrated your account, check the Play Store and click it. It won’t ask for your details anymore since you have already entered it earlier.


Now, find the Luna VPN by searching for this app on the Play Store. In case it won’t appear on the list, you can refer to this link of the Luna VPN app.

Download the Luna VPN app on PC from your emulator to install it on Windows or Mac. The icon of this app will appear on your desktop once you finished the installation.

Go back to it and see if it was there. If not, you can also check the home of BlueStacks and you will be able to find it. Launch the Luna VPN and enjoy using this app on your computer.

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How To Download And Install Luna VPN For Computer Using Nox Player

Some of us might be thinking of using an alternative emulator for running the Luna VPN for Windows or Mac. However, there’s a lot of emulators to choose from but you don’t know which one would you install.

You can check the Nox Player emulator since it is free and capable of running fast. To get this emulator, download it from its official website.

Download the version for your current Operating System and save the installer to your computer. After that, double click it to start the installer setup.

You must agree with its terms to be able to install this emulator into your computer. Once you agree with it, click the button indicating for the install to continue.

Now, wait for it to finish and then go back to your desktop once it does. Check the shortcut icon of the Nox Player and run it.

After the window shows up, find the Play Store icon and run it. Enter your Play Store details in here to continue and you will be able to search for it.

Now, look for the Luna VPN and if you find it, click the download button and this will also start installing it into your PC.

Check the home of Nox Player, the Luna VPN for PC shortcut will be there. Click its icon app to start running it on your PC.

How To Install It From An APK File

If you cannot access the Play Store, you cannot log in to your account or simply don’t want to use it, then installing the APK will solve this issue.

An APK is the installer package file for the Android Operating System. Using it will bypass the requirement for the Play Store installation. However, you need to remember this, the APK app won’t be able to update itself from Play Store automatically.

You need to update your apps such as the Luna VPN manually. If you want to continue using this method, read the instruction below.

Search for the Luna VPN APK from the search engine and then save the installer to your computer or laptop. Now, run the emulator software installed on your PC and click the “Install from APK” option.

Browse for the APK that you downloaded earlier and follow the instruction. Now, you will have the Luna VPN for PC once you finished the installation.

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How To Solve Lag Issues Of Emulator Program

In case it bothers you, you can use a simple method for fixing it. However, this involves modifying your BIOS settings so be wary. Don’t change other settings other than the virtualization.

Enabling this option will increase the speed and performance of an emulator installed on your computer. Just remember, don’t modify anything on your BIOS other than this option.

What Features Does The Luna VPN App Have?

  • They don’t have a capping that limits your connectivity so you can connect to it without limitation.
  • You will be able to unblock the apps, website, content and social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.
  • The Luna VPN is capable of protecting your connection by encrypting it.
  • It will change your IP address to protect your privacy.
  • You can select different servers around the world and connect to it.
  • In case you have trouble using it, you can contact their friendly support.


Even though this VPN app was made for the Android and iOS, you can download and install the Luna VPN on a computer and make your connection protected against different network attackers.

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