How To Download Browsec VPN for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Browsec VPN for PC is accessible to Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac. Just make sure that you follow the guide in this article to get the Browsec VPN for PC.

What is Browsec VPN?

With the emerging network and security threats around the world. It is no wonder that many people look to protect themselves. A good way to keep away from these threats is by having a strong VPN application such as the Browsec VPN.

This VPN application works by encrypting your connection from the network. While encrypted, hackers won’t be able to steal your session and important data. It is also capable of making yourself anonymous from the network so that nobody can trace your location.

The other benefit of connecting to a good VPN is to be able to unlock the websites that you cannot access without a VPN. This allows you to view websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and many more.

The Browsec VPN app can be downloaded and installed on Android and iOS. But you might be wondering if you can install the Browsec VPN for PC (Windows & Mac). The answer is yes, you can still make it work even though it was made for Android and iOS devices.

You can achieve this by using an emulator program on your computer. We will guide you on how to install an emulator on your computer or laptop. But you must make sure that you can run it before doing it.

Read our guidelines below to check the minimum requirements before downloading and installing the Browsec app and the android emulator program. For more similar apps, check the Transocks App For Windows/Mac And Download it For Free.

PC Requirements

The emulator does not consume lots of resources on your computer. But it is a good practice to check if you will be able to run it by reading the following system requirements below.

  • The computer processor must be running at a minimum speed of 1 GHz so you need to check it first. This won’t be a problem for the most modern computer nowadays.
  • There’s a minimum RAM requirement for the emulator. Most emulator needs to have at least 2 GB of memory. For a computer that does not meet the minimum requirements, your other option is to upgrade the memory or increase the virtual memory of your PC
  • Make sure that your computer has a free space before you download the android emulator and the Browsec VPN app.
  • There’s also a necessary software requirement before installing an emulator program. It is the .Net Framework and of course, the Visual C++ Redistributable.
  • Update your drivers of your GPU. This will also install or update the DirectX package which is another necessary software for running an android emulator program.
  • For a performance boost, you can also enable Virtualization Technology. This is optional but if you use it, the emulator program will perform really well and avoid distracting lags.

The following are the basic software and hardware requirements of a computer. Ensuring the following before attempting to download and install the Browsec VPN for PC will prevent you from wasting your time.

Download Browsec VPN For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

In this guide, we are going to recommend using the two best emulators to download the Browsec VPN for PC. Choose which one you prefer to download.

Method 1 – Download Browsec VPN for PC Using Bluestacks

To install the Browsec VPN for PC (Windows & Mac), you have to use an emulator. The most common emulator is BlueStacks. This emulator is widely used by people for gaming and running apps like the Browsec VPN app.

The installation procedure of this emulator is really easy and straightforward, you just need an internet connection before installing it. Now, to download this emulator, you have to check the website of BlueStacks from this link.

After you visit their site, check the download section or if you can see the button, click it. This will start saving the setup file to your PC.

Run the setup file of BlueStacks to start installing it. You must agree to its terms and condition after you run it. Click the install after you agree with it and this will start downloading the emulator to your PC.

Once the installation has finished, a generated shortcut can be located on your computer desktop. Launch the generated icon and this will start the BlueStacks emulator on your computer.

A new window will prompt on your screen and ask for your Gmail account. This is simply the Google Play Store so nothing to worry about. Enter your account and proceed to the next step.

In case you skipped it, open the Play Store from the Home of BlueStacks and it will ask that you enter again the details of your account. Now, assuming that you enter your account successfully, open the Google Play Store and start typing the Browsec VPN into this.


Install the Browsec VPN app after that. Now, check your desktop and there will be a new icon for it. This is the Browser VPN for PC. Open it to start using this app on your computer or laptop.

Method 2 – Install Browsec VPN for PC Using Nox Player

If you are looking for an alternative to the BlueStacks emulator, the Nox App Player is the right choice. This is one of the most famous emulators that is also preferred by many people because the Nox Player was optimized well for games.

The apps such as the Browsec app can also run from this emulator very well so it is no wonder that lots of people use it. The link for this emulator can be found on their website. Save the installer after you visit their website.

Follow what it says or requires to be able to install it. Now you need to wait until the installation has been completed. After the installation, check your desktop and look for the Nox Player shortcut.

Double click it to start running this emulator. Now, search for the Browsec app from the Google PlayStore. If the Play Store asks for your Gmail account, simply provide it to continue.

Now, install the Browsec VPN after you found it using the search function. Wait until you complete the installation. If the installation has finished, double click the icon of the Browsec VPN app to use this on your computer running a Windows or Mac OS.

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Using APK File For Installing This VPN App

In case you are wondering if there’s another way of installing the Browsec VPN app on your PC, the answer is yes. But you still need an emulator program such as Nox or BlueStacks to do it.

And there’s a bit of a downside to this method. Updating needs you to do this over again in case you want to install the latest version after you installed it. Despite the disadvantages and if you still want to continue, start by going to the Google search engine and type the Browsec VPN APK and download it.

Save the APK file and run the emulator program. Drag the APK file to the window of BlueStacks or Nox and this will start the process for installation.

Just follow the instruction for installing and then go back to the Home to see if the app has been installed successfully. Click or tap it to start and you can use the Browsec VPN on your PC after that.

Features Of The Browsec VPN

  • This VPN app is capable of securing your connection while connected to the unsecured Wifi hotspot.
  • Your data will be encrypted while connected to the Browsec VPN.
  • This can improve your online privacy to protect yourself from your ISP, government, or even hackers that were trying to spy on you.
  • It is available for anyone and free with an unlimited or unmetered connection.
  • The Browsec VPN has premium services that provide you with a faster connection for a cheap price.
  • There is a lot of location options such as Bulgaria, the USA, Russia, Singapore, the UK, Poland, Mexico, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, and many more.
  • It is one of the trusted VPN applications that has millions of users around the globe.
  • Connecting to its network will provide you the benefit of unlocking the content of websites that you cannot access without a VPN.


Connecting to the Browsec VPN has a lot of benefits for its users. However, due to its availability, you can only use this app on Android or iOS devices. This can be solved by using an emulator program to run the Browsec VPN for PC. Now, you don’t have to wait for a Windows or Mac version and worry about its compatibility issues.

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