How To Download Termux For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Termux is an application that allows you to simulate a Linux command-line shell. With this app, you can enter commands from an Android Operating System. Over time, it has improved a lot and has become the most popular Android terminal app. A lot of Linux packages can be installed from the terminal emulator. It also began to be compatible with physical buttons such as keyboards to make it work more efficiently. This application does not require you to have a rooted device. Because it can work even without it, due to its effectiveness, lots of people began to wonder if there are ways to install the Termux for PC.

However, due to its nature, it was made only for the Android Operating System or a device running a Debian-Ubuntu GNU. But don’t lose hope because it does not mean that you cannot install it on a PC.

There are methods to download the Termux for PC, and we’ll discuss how to do that in this article.

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Features Of The Termux App


  • It allows you to remote access servers using ssh.
  • You can manage files using the popular tool nnn and edit the files using nano, emacs, or vim.
  • It can be used for bash and zsh scripting shells.
  • The Termux was developed using C, gdb, and make.
  • It is compatible with the phyton.
  • You can view different projects with git.
  • You can also run text-based games using frotz.

Termux For PC Requirements

In order to install the Termux app successfully, you have to consider some requirements.

  • First, you need to have a considerably good computer that is capable of running a minimum of 1.5GHz processing power.
  • A computer RAM that has more than 4 GB installed or better.
  • It needs a hard drive space that is more than 20GB free space.
  • You’ll need an installed .Net framework and Visual C++ to the latest package version.
  • You also need to update your graphics card drivers to the latest (AMD or NVIDIA).
  • Lastly, you have to enable the virtualization from your BIOS to boost the performance and speed.

If you have the following already, then let us proceed to the installation of the Termux app on your PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac).

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Termux for PC Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac)

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There are multiple ways to download the Termux for PC. However, it requires you to use an android emulator. And we are going to discuss the best available in order to use the Termux on your Windows or Mac.

First Method: Using BlueStacks

If you are not new to the Android scene, then you’ve probably heard about the BlueStacks emulator. This emulator is the most popular and known by many people around the world.

Millions of people use it to emulate games and even apps such as the Termux. To install this emulator, just follow the steps written below.


  • Get the BlueStacks emulator from this link. And then save a copy of the installer to your computer.
  • Locate the installer of the BlueStacks and then open it to start the installation.
  • Follow the written instruction that appears on your screen to install it. During the installation, ensure that you are connected to the internet.
  • After the installation of BlueStacks, open the shortcut from your desktop.
  • Run the Google Play Store and enter your Gmail account to access it.
  • Use the search button to look for the Termux app and then click the install button.
  • Finally, check your desktop and see if the Termux shortcut is there. Double click it to start running the Termux on your PC.

Second Method: Using Nox Player

If you already installed the BlueStacks and it is working fine, then it is highly recommended to stick with it. Otherwise, you can try other emulators such as the Nox Player to install the Termux app on your PC.

In case you only want to try it, you are also free to do it. Now, to install the Nox Player, read along and follow the written guide here.

  • Download the Nox Player and then save the installer on your desktop PC.
  • Double click its icon and then start the installation.
  • Once you completed the installation, open the Nox Player, and then go to Play Store.
  • Start logging in to your account on the Play Store using your Google ID.
  • Look for the Termux app once you finished logging in to your account.
  • Download and install the Termux and then open it from the Nox Player home once you complete it.

Installing Termux APK On Emulator

If you have problems logging in from the Play Store account or you don’t want to log in to your Gmail here, then you can skip the Play Store part and install the Termux from the APK file.

To make it simple, the APK is a package installer file of an Android. To get it, you have to look for it using your favorite search engine.

Once you have it, open the emulator and then drag the file on the window. A message box will appear, prompting you if you want to continue the installation.

Accept it, and this will complete the installation of the Termux on PC even without logging in from the Google Play Store.

Common Questions Asked

Is there a way to install the Termux on Windows without an emulator?

The Termux app was made only for Android. Therefore, there is no other way to install the Termux on Windows or Mac without emulating an Android OS.

Can I install it for free?

Yes, the emulator like BlueStacks or Nox is free, as well as the Termux app. You don’t need to spend a single dime to get it.

What can I do with the Termux?

Since this is a command line, you can do anything such as automation, multi-tasker, programming, file transfer, or communicating with servers.

How can I get more help based on a package?

The usual command for this is the “packagename -h” executing this code will show you the basic help tool of the application you are using.

Ending Words

Even though this application was made for Android, you can run it on Windows if you use an emulator. In this way, you can experiment, learn command line codes, and many more by running and executing the Termux app for PC.

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