ZEPETO for PC – How to Download? Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

The ZEPETO for PC is an app that allows its users to create a 3D-animated version of themselves. To make an animated version of yourself, you only need to take a picture during the creation of your avatar.

Additionally, it will automatically personalize your character based on your photo. Furthermore, you can also apply a ready-made avatar to make a character quickly.

Although this application was made for smartphones, you can still install and play the ZEPETO for Windows & Mac.

Features of this App


Customizable Avatar

With millions of items, you can create a unique character and apply trending hairstyles, clothing, makeup, and many more.

Play Together With Peoples

It allows you to explore different, uniquely designed maps by other players. You can bring your friends by inviting them or start playing together with fun and mini-games.


It allows you to interact with them online by sending them a DM, chat, or even sharing your stories. From here, you can invite people to join your crews or join them.

Make Your Own Items

It allows you to design your items or apparel. All the cool tools are included here so that your imagination is limitless.

Create Your Own Map

You can make your own maps and invite people to your world.

Pros And Cons

With its many features, there are many pros, along with some of its cons. Continue reading on to find it out.


  • It lets you connect with different people and start having a friend online.
  • You can make any design you want from apparel to maps.
  • The graphics are excellent and appealing.
  • You can chat with its world or your friends.


  • Some devices won’t run as smoothly as the other devices.
  • Slow loading times.
  • It needs a fast internet connection.

Requirements For Running ZEPETO On PC

The ZEPETO for PC requires that you have the following in order to install and use it successfully. Ensure that you have the following before you attempt to install it on your PC.

  • Make sure that your desktop or laptop has an AMD or Intel processor that can run 1.5 GHz or more.
  • Your processor must support the virtualization in order to run the ZEPETO app on a PC properly.
  • It will require you to use Windows or macOS only; 32-bit and 64-bit are both compatible.
  • For Windows OS, make sure that the .NET framework and Visual C++ are installed correctly.
  • The OpenGL and DirectX latest versions must be installed on your machine.
  • It requires a functional graphical processing unit.
  • You must have a valid Gmail.

Once you have seen the following installed correctly on your PC, you can now install the ZEPETO for Windows PC/Mac. Make sure to follow the steps by step procedure below so you can successfully install it properly.

How To Download ZEPETO For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

In order to download ZEPETO for PC, you have to use an emulator. We are going to provide two methods for installing the ZEPETO app. Choose one that applies best to you.

Method #1: Download ZEPETO for PC Using Bluestacks


  1. Go to the official website of BlueStacks. For the guide, see this link.
  2. After you have the BlueStacks installer, open it to start the installer.
  3. Follow the installation wizard by clicking the next button and accepting it to its conditions.
  4. Once you start the installation, ensure that you are connected to the internet properly. The BlueStacks will be installed in a minute or two, but it depends on the speed of your PC.
  5. The BlueStacks will have a shortcut on your desktop, find and then open it.
  6. Now, this emulator will start running, proceed to the Play Store and supply it with your Gmail address.
  7. You can sync your apps or skip them once it asked you, and after that, it will bring you to the home of the Play Store.
  8. Click the search button and start finding the ZEPETO app by typing it from the bar.
  9. Hit the “Download” button to start the installation of the ZEPETO app for PC.
  10. You can find a shortcut to the ZEPETO app on your desktop once you have completed the installation. If you cannot see its icon, you can go directly to the home of BlueStacks and then open it there.
  11. Finally, you have successfully installed this app on your computer. Start the app and then create your avatar.

Method #2: Get ZEPETO for PC Using LD Player

  1. To download the ZEPETO for PC, download the LD Player from this website.
  2. Browse the installer of LD Player and then double-click to start it.
  3. Follow the installation guide that will appear on your screen.
  4. Once installed, open the Google Play Store and log in to your account.
  5. Download the ZEPETO by searching this app from the Play Store.
  6. Once you completed the installation, open the ZEPETO for PC to use it.

User Reviews

YouTube video

A lot of people have enjoyed playing this game. The 3D graphics are amazing and astonishing. With its many features and limitless possibilities for making a map, design, and characters, many people have rated the ZEPETO app as above average.

Although the game is overall fun and exciting, the significant downside of using this app has slow loading time, which makes people bored while waiting for it. Especially if the internet connection is slow.

Old smartphones are also suffering from it, and thus, it makes it unplayable for some people. This has a solution if you have a fast computer since you can run the ZEPETO. By emulating it from the BlueStacks, you can fix the slow emulating issues on smartphones as long as your PC is fast enough for it.

If they can fix the slow loading times on smartphones, a lot of people will be enjoyed it even more, and thus, the ratings will also go higher.

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How do I play ZEPETO on my PC without BlueStacks?

Unfortunately, ZEPETO is an exclusive Android and iOS app. There’s no installer available for Windows computers and Mac, so the only way to use it is by emulating an Android into your computer.

Is there any alternative software aside from BlueStacks or LD Player?

There is much software available, and one of them is the Nox App Player. We highly recommend using this emulator for running ZEPETO if the BlueStacks or LD Player does not operate correctly on your computer. The Nox Player is highly optimized for running a 3D app like this one.

Some functions of the ZEPETO app is not appearing on the emulator such as the camera, why?

Since it uses an emulator, you have to expect that there is some function that is not usable on it. The camera is one of the examples, and there’s no way to use it from BlueStacks or any other emulator.

Can I install it for free?

Yes, the ZEPETO is free to download. However, it has an in-app market that has cool items, gears, and other features. To unlock it, you have to purchase the credits from their marketplace.

Bottom Line

Using an Android emulator will allow you to play ZEPETO on Windows PC/ Mac. This gives you a few benefits over the smartphone since you will be able to play it faster because the computer is more powerful. You can also play it on a bigger and better screen monitor, which is suitable for people who have eyesight problems.

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