How To Download & Watch AnimeGo For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7

Watching your favorite anime from your smartphone or tablet is a great way to relax and to keep updated with the latest shows. Since it is an app for watching anime, it is a good idea to download and watch AnimeGo for PC to watch your favorite anime into a bigger and larger screen.

The AnimeGo app is also one of the best anime viewer app because it is always updated to the latest shows. You can also stream and watch the shows that you want anytime and anywhere.

It also has a genre list so that you can filter the list of shows you wanted to watch. Even though it offers a lot of good benefits, using it is completely free for everyone.

Now, if you are planning to watch from a big screen of your computer, you can consider installing the AnimeGo for PC on Windows or Mac. This can be easily done; however, it needs an emulator tool installed on your computer.

An emulator software can be download from the internet, and you might see a huge list of results. We recommend that you use only the most common and popular yet, powerful and compatible with most Android apps like AnimeGo.

These emulators are the BlueStacks Android Player and Nox Emulator. We will also guide you on the installation of these emulators into your computer, but before we do that, check out the system requirements of emulator software.

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Preparing Your Computer For The Installation Of AnimeGo For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 or Mac

Since an emulator software is software that creates a virtualize Android Operating System from your computer to run the AnimeGo app on PC, you need to ensure that your computer hardware is powerful enough to run it.

  1. A processor that is fast enough is one of the most major requirements of emulator software. If you have above 1 GHz, then your processor will be able to use it.
  2. The memory of your PC is also a major factor in this tool. It needs to have at least 2 GB or more in order to run apps like the AnimeGo on your Windows 7/8/10, but for extensive applications, you need to have 4GB or more.
  3. To make sure that you will be able to download and execute the installer, later on, the hard drive of your computer needs to have a free 10 GB of space or more.

The above information is the hardware requirements, now you may ask, what are the requirements when it comes to software. Here’s the list of the following you need to install or update:

  1. Windows Operating System users must download or just update the Visual C++ Redistributable. Download both the x86 and x64 if you are using 64bit of Windows OS. You also need to get the framework called .Net from Microsoft and then install it.
  2. For Mac and Windows, make sure that the OpenCL and OpenGL are installed correctly. Also, don’t forget to include the DirectX for fixing graphical issues. In case you don’t know where to get it, you can install the following by downloading the latest driver of your graphics card.

These are the basic requirements, installing and following the above will result in the success of using the AnimeGo on your PC. For More Similar App, Download ThopTV App For Windows & Mac.

Using BlueStacks To Emulate And Use The AnimeGo App On Windows Or Mac

The BlueStacks emulator is a very popular and widely known since it is one of the earliest developed emulators for Android Operating System. It is also fast and provides a lot of apps are compatible with it.

Now, to get it, use this link for the shortcut of their website. Save the installer into your computer once you download it and then run.

When the installation appears, accept the terms and conditions to install it then hit the install button to start it.

You will notice that it will try to connect to the internet so make sure you are well connected. Now, wait for the installation to finish and go back to your desktop once you finished installing it.

Double click the icon of BlueStacks to start. Running it for the first-time use will immediately prompt you to log in to your Play Store account.


Do it and use your Gmail account to log in. After that, you will be able to search for the AnimeGo app from the Play Store. Sometimes, this app cannot view from other countries, in case you cannot see it, you can refer to this direct Play Store link.

Click the download button to start saving it to your computer. You will be able to use the AnimeGo from your PC once you have successfully installed it.

Nox Player Emulator: Alternative Way For Installing The AnimeGo On Computer

We also recommend using the Nox Player as an alternative emulator for the AnimeGo app. Using this app from the Nox Player provides a fast and responsive emulation.

Getting this emulator is also easy, head to its website from the link we provided and save the installer to your computer.

Run the installer of this emulator once you finished the download and then open it. Accept the indicated instruction of this emulator on your screen and install it.

Be patient and wait for it to finished and after the installation, open the emulator program after that. Open the Play Store and use your Gmail account here to login.

After that, start the search for the AnimeGo and then install it after you found it.

Check the Nox Player home or app drawer to find the AnimeGo app shortcut, click it to start using it on your PC. In this way, you have successfully installed this app on a computer.

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Download & Install AnimeGo APK On PC

If the Play Store is inaccessible to you, don’t be sad because there’s a way to install it. You need the APK installer of the AnimeGo app.

Use your favorite search engine to look for it and then save the AnimeGo APK into your computer. After that, run the emulator program that you installed earlier.

From the emulator software either BlueStacks or Nox, there’s an option called “Install APK”. Choose this an target the AnimeGo APK.

Now, the installer will appear on the Nox or BlueStacks, follow the instruction on the screen to install it. In this way, you will be able to bypass the Google Play Store app.

Since it was downloaded from an external source, you won’t be able to update it automatically from the Google Play Store.

To update this app, you must replace the installed file with the most current version of the AnimeGo APK that you can download again.

Slow Emulation Fix

There are a trick and simple guide that you can use for speeding up the emulation of the AnimeGo app. But remember, this involves modifying some settings of your BIOS menu.

Incorrectly setting up a BIOS will prevent your computer to boot properly so make sure that you don’t modify other unnecessary settings.

Now if you want to continue, boot your computer to BIOS. Find the option called Virtualization. This is the only option that you need to modify. Set it to enable and then save the settings to your BIOS.

Reboot your computer and you will see a huge performance increase after turning this on.

Final Thoughts

Watching your favorite anime from a portable device like a smartphone or tablet may provide you a convenient way of watching. However, sometimes it is better to watch on a big screen monitor. With the emulator program, downloading and installing the AnimeGo for PC is an easy way to do this. Now, you can enjoy watching anime from a better screen monitor.

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