WD My Passport For Mac – Features And Reviews

What’s the biggest nightmare of a Vlogger or a YouTuber? When their computer’s space is filled up, and there is no such extra storage where they can save their videos, edit and publish them –Such a disaster!

As a Mac user, I can wholeheartedly confirm that my storage space runs out very fast, and I have to delete my previous data sometimes to fill in the newer one. I always wanted to have a device that can cater to my data without eating up my Mac’s Hard Drive.

Well, my wish has come true as Western Digital or WD has a solution for my space issues, also named “WD My Passport For Mac and PC.”

The WD My Passport is a promising external passport HDD one could get.

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What Is A Passport HDD?

In case you are wondering, A Passport Hard Drive is an external storage device that can save the data externally without saving it into the computer. The Passport term given to such HDDs is due to their size, which is almost the passport size. Such storage devices are easy to carry wherever you go and extend your limited Storage capacity to higher levels.

What’s Special About WD My Passport [Mac & Windows]?

The WD My Passport has been quite popular as an external storage HDD due to its amazingly compact size, sleek design, fast transferability, and affordable price. To break down the main components of WD My Passport, I have divided it into three subcategories:

  • Shape
  • Storage
  • Specs


The portable WD My Passport comes in a small and sleek plastic container. The container is built strong enough to withstand a fall without damaging your Hard Disk. The edges of this HDD box are slightly rounded so that it can easily fit in your hands and pockets.

The outer jacket has two textures on it, one smooth and one containing ripples –for a modern gadget-y look. These ripples make your hands grip the HDD even more firmly.

If we talk about the color scheming, then you can have different color ranges of WD My Passport. The manufacturers have painted Mac’s HDD, specifically Blue. Other color options are Red and Pitch Black.

The available ports are placed on the top front of the WD My Passport, where you can see a USB 3.2 (1st Generation) port that is used with a Micro-USB Type-B connector cable. The LED light is available on the side to indicate that the device is connected with a PC. You can also join the WD passport with a USB 2.0 port, but it can slow down the data transfer rate.

The case of WD My Passport can work well in temperatures ranging between 5C to 35C.


The WD My Passport for Mac and PC both come with a good range of HDD storage spaces. The price range of these devices is pretty reasonable. These devices may not be as rapid as an SSD, but they still are the best quality HDDs you will find in the market.

The specifications of all these storage devices are almost the same. Just the storage space is different, and yes, the pricing too.

Here the WD My Passport comes with 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, and 5TB HDD storage devices. The good thing about these WD My Passport devices is that it comes with a three-year warranty, and any damage to the case or HDD can be claimed.

The pricing of WD My Passport starts from $60 to $120, depending on the storage capacity.


First of all, what does a user have in mind while buying an external HDD?

It’s the transfer speed. The transfer speed is essential as vast bulks of data can take quite an extended amount of time to transfer. The WD My Passport acknowledges this issue, and that is why they have developed a mechanism that can boost the transfer rate up to 140 Mb per second.

Other than that, one of the most attractive features of this device is that the WD My Passport for Mac and Windows are different for both these OS. The Mac supported HDD is programmed to work on Mac while the Windows HDD works excellently on the Windows version. A user cannot use a Windows HDD on Mac, so it’s recommended to boot the HDD first on the Windows then use it on your Mac.

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Quick Sneak Peek Of Features


Let’s take a quick detour of some of the remarkable features of the WD My Passport.

Safe And Secure

There’s no better external HDD that can give you seamless privacy protection than the WD My Passport HDD. It encrypts your data into an AES-256 code, which is almost impossible to break. You can encrypt your data by setting a passcode on your HDD, and then your HDD will ask for a password before showing you the contents. You can also exempt your Mac for saving the hassle.

Perfect Backup

Care to back up some essential data of your Mac? Worry no more as the WD My Passport device can do a scheduled backup of your selected data automatically at the given time. It will protect the user’s precious data from theft and loss.

Cloud Storage

Your WD My Passport can be connected with cloud and social media services like Facebook, DropBox, etc., where the user can manage and import/export your data.

WD My Passport – Pros and Cons


  • Slim and Sleek Graspable Design.
  • Efficient Encryption Service.
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Different Storage Options and Prices.
  • Scheduled Backup


  • Fear Of Loss.
  • No USB-C Port.
  • Forgetting Passwords Will Lose All Data.

Important Questions

1. Why is my WD My Passport for Mac is not working?

Windows and Mac work differently. In order to make it work on Mac, you must Mac supported WD Passport.

2. How to use Windows supported WD my Passport on Mac?

Backup the HDD and then format it with the exFAT format. It will work on Mac then.

3. How Long Does WD Passport Last?

WD My Passport will work best for 3 to 5 years.

4. Is WD a reliable product?

Yes, they have been around for many years and they provide a reliable Hard Disk as well as Solid State Drives.

Bottom Line

Stop worrying over lower storage spaces and get your brand new WD My Passport to make your storage even better.

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