How To Use AOMEI MBackupper? [User Guide]


There is this one thing about Apple that everyone loves –its security measurements. The iOS backup system is pretty unique. iTunes is doing a decent job in doing regular backups, but it comes with its drawbacks too. The most significant disadvantage of using iTunes backup is that it will flood …

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How To Use AOMEI Partition Assistant?


Hard drives are reliable, but sometimes they can ditch, primarily when a virus attacks them. On the other hand, sometimes people need to re-install their Windows again. If a user has put all their data into a simple local drive C, they may have to lose their data. This is …

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AOMEI Backupper Review – Is It Safe On PC?


There are moments in life, or more specifically during internet searching when things that shouldn’t be accessed get their way into our lives and PC. There have been several instances where downloading a virus can remove all the computer data, leaving nothing behind. The need of the hour is a …

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MultCloud: Cloud Storage Manager For Windows/Mac


In these modern times, storage has already evolved. From the giant hard drives to small thumb drives, and then we have a Micro SD card, the physical storage is continuously evolving and becomes easier to manage. With its continuous development, cloud storage was born. With this technology, you don’t have …

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WD My Passport For Mac – Features And Reviews


What’s the biggest nightmare of a Vlogger or a YouTuber? When their computer’s space is filled up, and there is no such extra storage where they can save their videos, edit and publish them –Such a disaster! As a Mac user, I can wholeheartedly confirm that my storage space runs …

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