iTop VPN For PC – Security And Privacy Guaranteed (Windows 11/10/8/7)

What do you use VPN for? Besides some ‘obvious’ reasons, VPN is beneficial in many aspects.

First of all, I’m always cautious about accessing the internet, especially when it comes to online shopping or downloading a movie from an unsecured web page. To save my identity and other online criminals’ credentials, I use a good-quality VPN that will protect me by hiding my real identity.

Moreover, a VPN is also helpful when you want to watch a movie or show that isn’t available in your region. Netflix has region-based shows, which we cannot sometimes access in our area, so it is best to switch your identity.

You would be surprised to know that VPN also increases your browser capabilities and your pages load faster. There are a whole lot of advantages of a Virtual Private Network.

What Is The Best VPN To Use?

Although many VPNs serve you with handy features, some stand among them. This is why I will introduce the iTop VPN to you –the best VPN services you will find.

What Is iTop VPN?

The iTop VPN is highly secured software that will bridge your system and the internet server. Your data is encapsulated into high-end encryption, which even a professional hacker cannot access. The data and the websites have a direct anonymous connection, which any third party cannot access.

This VPN can anonymously adopt any nationality and show the restricted websites that you have access to their site; in return, the websites will allow you immediate access.

More About iTop VPN For PC Windows 11/10/8/7 And Mobile

The iTop VPN is a leading VPN services provider globally. The iTop includes a comprehensive list of professional workers who work day and night to provide exceptional security and error-free services to its users. Just like iTop VPN doesn’t expose your data to other parties. Likewise, it does not collect any of your data except for your login credentials.

Additionally, the iTop VPN team of customer support is present 24/7 to assist their users anywhere, anytime. There is a user-specific iTop network mode which will allow its users to select the best VPN type according to their internet bandwidth and performance. The iTop VPN feedback mail also helps in fixing bugs and glitches.

What Are The Best Highlights Of iTop VPN?

Let’s spark a light on some shining iTop VPN features.


Full Access

Do not worry if your country has banned a specific website. The iTop VPN helps you conveniently unblock all the blocked websites and gives you full access to them while keeping your identity hidden.

Easy Use

The iTop VPN team does not believe in adding extra complicated controls to confuse their customers. There are hardly any detailed options in iTop VPN. A big button to turn on your iTop VPN is available, which will automatically make your connection secure and anonymous. Moreover, the list of countries is also available on the front so that you can choose from which country you want to access a particular webpage.

Blazing Fast

Some VPNs make your PC slow. The developers at iTop VPN made sure that there are no bugs that slow down your web browsing. Moreover, iTop VPN will connect your PC with an international server rather than connect your local server to the global. Thus, it will also increase your browsing speed. Problem Solved!

Unlimited Streaming

If you want to stream your favorite shows, then iTop VPN has got your back. It doesn’t slow down your PC and allow you to upload or download any content you want with its no-bandwidth limits service. The iTop VPN claims that it will provide a stable internet speed, and there will be no barrier in the bandwidths, so you get to see your favorite region-based Netflix shows without any interruption.

No Geo-Blocks

The iTop VPN provides a platform where nothing is banned. You can unblock sites, access regional-based content unavailable in your country, and have a constant connection as long as you want.

Security Guaranteed

This VPN creates a hideous tunnel of your IP. In other words, the iTop VPN hides your IP address so that no hacker or tracker can monitor the data coming and going from your side. This feature gives you full-fledged security while completely hiding who you are.

Quick Start-up

I’ve seen some VPNs that take forever to connect with proxy servers. Luckily, the iTop VPN is not one of them as it has a quick installation procedure. It also initiates faster than other VPNs in the market. Just click the iTop VPN Turn On button, and your VPN will turn on within no time.

Efficient Choosing

The iTop VPN provides a list of countries that you can connect to. It also provides lots of servers to communicate with their respective speed and efficiency. It’s up to you to choose.

What Are The iTop VPN Switching Modes?

This VPN app has three modes based on the type of connection you want.

  1. The Safeguard Mode: It is used when the customer demands extreme security and a highly-private connection.
  2. The Balance Mode: It is used when you want to surf the internet while remaining hidden.
  3. The Game Mode: It is used when you require ultra-fast yet anonymous streaming for online games.

With the following option, users can choose the perfect solution for their needs.

Is iTop VPN Available For Windows PC?

Yes, the iTop VPN for PC is available, specifically, Windows 10/8/7. Although there is no iOS version of iTop VPN, you can download the iTop VPN on your Mac using an emulator like BlueStacks and then run this VPN app from there.

iTop VPN – The Pros And Cons

Let’s summarize the iTop VPN’s advantages and disadvantages:


  • No log policy for extra protection
  • Kill switch technique to prevent traffic exposure.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • One-click connection
  • Ultra-fast speed.


  • In some cases,  ransomware threats cannot be filtered.
  • Paid subscription.

Final Lines

The iTop VPN is an exceptional VPN service for those who demand high-end network security, unblocked content, and unlimited bandwidth. So download iTop VPN on your PC right away and enjoy its endless benefits.

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