Toon Blast For PC Download – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Are you looking for an easy and fun game for children? Toon Blast is a popular puzzle game with endless fun. Also, the active coordination of the brain to solve the puzzles helps to sharpen your child’s brain.

This article contains complete information about the features of the game and how to download Toon Blast for PC.

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Toon Blast – Introduction

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Toon Blast is developed by the creators of Toy Blast i.e. Peak Games. The game is specifically designed for kids with an easy interface that keeps the children engaged and entertained at the same time.

The game stares at the animated characters named Bruno Bear, Wally Wolf, and Cooper Cat that take you to the cartoonish world and its wonderful adventures.

Along with that, the game also has some classic cartoon soundtracks which make the children enjoy the game more comfortably.

How to Download Toon Blast for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Unfortunately, there is no web version of this game but you can easily download it on your PC using an android emulator. There are many emulators in the market, some of the popular emulators are Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, and MEmu Play. Here is the step-by-step guideline to download toon Blast on your PC.


Method 1 – Download Toon Blast for PC Using Bluestacks

Step #1

Download the BlueStacks emulator or any of the emulators listed above from their official website. If you want to get the most popular android emulator, then BlueStacks.

Step #2

After downloading the emulator, open it from the ‘Downloads’ folder of your device. Now follow the instructions given on the screen Launch it on your computer.

Step #3

Once the installation is complete, Log in to your Google account using your Gmail credentials.

Step #4

After that, open Google Play Store and search for Toon Blast. Now click on the ‘Install’ button to start downloading it on your computer.

Step #5

Once the installation is complete, you can open the app from the home screen of the emulator and start using it.

Method 2 – Toon Blast Download for PC Using LD Player

Step #1

Get LD Player emulator. You can download this emulator by visiting the official website of LD Player.

Step #2

Install the LD Player. All you need to do is to double-click the setup file and then follow the on-screen installation guide.

Step #3

Once LD Player has been installed, open it and set up your account in Play Store.

Step #4

Find the Toon Blast game from the Play Store by searching for it and then click the install button.

Step #5 

In a few minutes, you’ll be able to run the Toon Blast on your PC.

How to Play Toon Blast Game For PC?

Toon Blast is quite easy to play as it is basically designed for kids. You just need to tap on a combo of 2 to 3 blocks of the same color.

Tapping them will pop a blast and new blocks will appear in their place of those. Also, you are given a set of moves and you have to complete the level within these moves.

Moreover, the colors and the number of cubes are shown on the top of the screen that is needed to be completed in order to complete a level.

Features of Toon Blast


Toon Blast is a fun game with a lot of fun features. Some of the highlighted features of this game are given below:

  • The game comes with new challenges with the higher levels that will help to unlock the new episodes.
  • The objective of the game is to entertain the users with easy and fun hurdles.
  • In order to reach the new level, you need to unlock the whacky booster.
  • You are rewarded with the stars, once you complete a particular level. The collection of these stars will help you to win wonderful prizes.
  • If you are bored by playing all by yourself, you can create a group or a team and enjoy playing with them.
  • You can easily sync the game between different devices.


Toon Blast is an entertaining puzzle game for children. The game is quite easy to use but it also comes with new challenges and hurdles to sharpen your child.

Along with that, the game has an energy bar that would empty after a particular time, so your child won’t be able to spend hours on the game.

Tips and Tricks when Playing Toon Blast

Always Start from Bottom

Always start to play from the bottom. This allows you to pop the blocks from the bottom and the new blocks will appear on the top of the screen. So, you have more options and chances to match the blocks.

Go with Objective

Every level comes with its own objective. So, don’t waste the moves to blast the blocks in every level. But focus on the objective and try to complete it within moves. For example, some levels have the objective to drop the ducks by clearing the blocks.


Boosters are designed to speed up gaming. When you pop the five blocks of the same color together, a booster will appear. Also, you may get new boosters when you complete a level. If you use these boosters responsibly, you can easily complete many levels in a row.

The Boxing Glove booster help to clear the whole row. On the other hand, an anvil helps to clear out a whole column. The hammer can destroy single blocks to form combos of the same colors and dice helps to shuffle the place of the block in the surrounding grid.

Combos and Double Combos

Instead of matching the blocks randomly, try to form a big combo. You can form the combos by removing the extra blocks in between. These combos will help you to get special blocks and boosters.

Also, once the combo is formed, try to make another combo and then pop them together for amazing results.

Join Teams

Joining games will not only increase the fun and excitement of the game. But you can also ask for lives, whenever you run out of them.

Common Questions Asked

Can we get unlimited lives in the Toon Blast?

You can get more lives if you join the teams. Once you reach level 20, you join teams of 15 members or more.  And then request them for lives whenever needed. You can add up to 5 lives every 4 hours.

How many Levels are there in Toon Blast?

Toon Blast comes with endless fun and entertainment. It has 3000 exciting levels. Furthermore, 50 new levels were also added in the recent upgrade.

Can I replay the already done levels?

No! You cannot redo the levels.


Toon Blast is an easy game with no fancy features and requirements. The fun challenges engage the kids and sharpen their minds. You can easily download the Toon Blast game on your PC from the methods mentioned in the article.

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