Mint Browser For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac Download

The Mint Browser for PC is an app made by Xiaomi Inc. which becomes popular and trending because of its light, secure, blazingly fast, and responsive app. If you are looking for the best browser for Android phones, this one won’t disappoint you.

This web browser has a lot of special features. This includes automatic blocking of ads to make the web page clean and neat. It also does not consume a lot of memory while running which is important to keep the app faster.

Another good feature of this app is when viewing a video, a download button will show to your browser allowing you to download or save a copy to your device. The Mint Browser app also has an incognito mode which you can turn on if you want to browse the internet privately without leaving any trace.

Using it at night can also protect your eyes due to its feature called night mode. In case you enable the blocking of ads, this will save you a lot of data since it will restrict loading unnecessary images on the website.

If you are wondering if you will be able to use the Mint Browser for PC on Windows or Mac, even though it was made for the Android app, the answer is yes, you can.

However, this is not the official version of the Mint Browser app. It is just a simple trick to allow your computer to run it.

To use the Mint Browser app on Windows or Mac, you need an emulator program for it. Some people think of this app as shady but honestly, there’s nothing wrong with it. If you want to continue, read the information to prepare your computer. For more similar apps, download the Via Browser App For Computer – Windows & Mac.

Mint Browser For PC Requirements

Before you download the Mint Browser app for PC, you might need to check your computer for running it. The basic requirements of this app can be found below:

  1. It requires a processor that can run a minimum of 1 GHz. A modern processor can run it efficiently. But if you have an older computer or laptop, make sure that it can run at the specified speed.
  2. It also needs a memory capable of storing at least 2GB. In case your computer has below its requirements, your other option is to upgrade or else, try to increase the size of the virtual memory.
  3. You need to have a free space for at least 20 + GB. If not, try freeing up some of your hard drive space by transferring your other files to the cloud or external storage. Deleting some files that you don’t need anymore will also increase the space.
  4. It requires software called OpenGL and DirectX. Both can be installed using the drivers of your graphics card installed.
  5. Your computer also requires that you installed or update the Visual C++ Redistributable and the .Net framework application. This is applicable to people who use a Windows-based Operating System only. You can get the installer from its website of Microsoft.

Installing, updating, and following the guide above will keep you from encountering glitches, bugs, and common issues so we recommend that you follow everything above to avoid any possible inconvenience.

Now, the next thing that you need to do is to install an emulator program, you can choose between the BlueStacks and Nox, both are best and fast. We leave that option for you.

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How To Download Mint Browser for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

The first one that we recommend for running the Mint Browser app is the Nox Player. Upon our test, it is capable of running this app at full speed without any issue. We also recommend using this for running the Mint Browser app for PC because many people are using it.

Now, to get this wonderful emulator, you can visit their website here. Click the download button to start saving the installer to your computer.

Once you finished the download, find the installer and double click to start it. You must follow the indicated instruction for the setup to install.

After that, find the icon of the Nox Player on your computer or laptop desktop. Launch it to start this software. Look for the Google Play Store app and open it.

Now, you need to enter the information on your account to log in. After that, your account will be integrated with the Google Play Store allowing you to enter and browse its millions of apps.


Use the search from the Google Play Store and type the Mint Browser. In some cases, there will be an app with a similar name. Just look for the one with Xiaomi Inc. as their developer. You can also check this link for reference.

Find the download button once you see this app and then click it. This will install it on the Nox Player allowing you to use it on your computer later on.

Once the installation has finished, check the Nox Player’s home, you will be able to see the Mint Browser app for Windows and Mac. Just double-click it to start using it on your PC. Also, Download Luna VPN For PC To Encrypt And Protect Your Browsing Session

Using Bluestacks

Another alternative emulator you can use for running the Mint Browser for PC is the BlueStacks emulator. We also recommend using it because it is the most popular and very common due to its very stable emulation.

To download the installer of this great emulator, you need to check their official website. Browse their homepage and then you will see its download icon. Click that in order to save the installer to your computer.

Now, double-click the installer to start the setup file. Just follow what is indicated on its screen to install the emulator successfully on your computer.

After that, the installation will continue, and the BlueStacks will attempt to connect to the internet so make sure that you are connected. Once this is over, the icon of the BlueStacks will be on your desktop indicating that you have successfully installed this app on your PC.

Open this emulator and the Google Play Store will appear after that. Use your Google email address here or create one if you still don’t have a Gmail.

Now, you will be able to use the Play Store after that. Next, search for the Mint Browser software and then click the “Download” button from the Play Store.

Wait for it to finish, unlike other emulator programs, the BlueStacks will create a shortcut desktop of the Mint Browser for PC. Click the shortcut icon to start launching this app on your computer.

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How To Fix Slow Bluestacks?

In case you have a slow or lag problem when emulating the Mint Browser on the computer, you can fix it if you enable an option called “Virtualization Technology”.

This option is optional but important for an emulator program such as BlueStacks, Nox Player, and any software that utilizes virtualization. Enabling it will increase the performance of any emulator software.

Now, if you want to enable this option on your computer, you need to reboot your computer to the BIOS. Keep in mind that you must not modify other settings other than virtualization especially if you are not familiar with the environment of the BIOS or UEFI menu.

Once you enabled this option on BIOS, save the settings and restart your computer. Now, run either BlueStacks or Nox Player and you will see a huge performance boost after that. In case you still encounter this option, be sure that you have installed all the necessary software and your hardware must comply with its minimum requirements.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Mint Browser was made exclusively on Android as of now, you will still be able to use this Mint Browser on a PC. You just need to install an emulator and you will be able to run it even without the official version of this app.

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