HapSee For PC – Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

HapSee is an app for Android and iOS that was made for controlling the WiFi camera installed on the home, store, or office. With this software, you will be able to view the live video feed of your IP Camera.

You can also hear the audio captured on videos in case your camera supported it. The HapSee app also supports cloud computing storage in case you are lacking space on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Since the HapSee was made for devices with Android Operating System or iOS installed, the only way to use the HapSee for PC is to use a capable android emulator program.

An Android emulator is software that you can use for running Android apps on a PC even without owning a smartphone or tablet. The good thing about android emulators is being completely free. Though the iOS emulators are mostly paid, that’s why we are going to use the Android version of the HapSee app on Windows & Mac.

Before installing the HapSee for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac), you need to prepare your laptop or computer for the installation requirements. Although it does not require a very fast computer, it is a good idea to check the following details before you install an emulator program. For more similar apps, you can also Download The Eye4 App For PC – Windows & Mac for free.

HapSee For PC Requirements

To run the HapSee on Windows & Mac without any bugs or glitches, you need to follow the steps below to ensure a smooth sailing operation of this app.

  • The requirements of a computer processor are 1 GHz speed. If you have more than the listed information, your computer will be very capable of running the HapSee for PC.
  • It requires your computer to have 2 GB of installed RAM so that you can meet the minimum system requirements of an emulator program.
  • The storage of your computer must have at least 10 GB free. If you are running out of space, you can just back up your files to the cloud or your external storage device.

The following information is the basic requirements for hardware. For the software requirements, you can refer to below. Also, please note that the software requirements are only applicable for a computer running a Windows Operating System, for Mac users, you can skip this part.

  • You need to install and update the drivers such as the GFX of your computer. Installing it will also install the major requirements called DirectX.
  • After you install the graphics driver and DirectX, check if you have a .Net framework installed on your PC. In case not, you need to install it. Otherwise, you can also update it if you have it on your computer.
  • The last software requirement of the emulator program is the Visual C++ Redistributable. Download and install both x86 and x64 if you are using a 64-bit Windows OS to run the HapSee app properly.

Download HapSee For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Our first recommended emulator program that you can use for running the HapSee on PC is the BlueStacks. This emulator is known by lots of people because it is the most popular emulator.

They become popular and well known because they provided outstanding service when it comes to emulating different android software. Using the BlueStacks is also easy and does not require their users to be techy.

Download the BlueStacks emulator from its website and save the installer to your computer. Run it after you finished downloading the file.

You must accept its terms and conditions before you can continue the installation of this emulator on your computer. After that, it will connect to the internet to download and install it automatically.

Go back to your desktop and look for the shortcut of BlueStacks. Double click it to start using the BlueStacks emulator on your laptop or computer.

Now, it will ask for the details of the Play Store ID. You need to supply it with your Gmail ID to continue. Next, it will ask if you want to sync your account and apps, you can click yes, otherwise, just use this account as a fresh one.

After that, find the Google Play Store inside the BlueStacks. Click the Play Store icon and you will be able to access it immediately. Find the HapSee app from it using the search button to get the result immediately. If you cannot find it, you can check this PlayStore link.


Click the download and this will also install the HapSee app for Windows & Mac. Once you completed the installation, you can check your desktop and the HapSee shortcut will be located there.

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Alternative Way to Download HapSee App For Windows PC & Mac

In case you are looking to try something else, or you just don’t like the idea of using the BlueStacks emulator, you can try the Nox App Player emulator to run the HapSee app on PC.

Using the Nox App Player is also simple and easy to use, so basically, anyone can use this emulator program. The Nox App Player is also one of the best emulators just like BlueStacks.

If you want to use this emulator, download it from this link. Save the installer of the Nox App Player and then run it.

Much like BlueStacks, it will require you to accept the terms and conditions before you can continue the installation of the Nox App Player.

Click the button for the installation once you agree to it and then wait until it is finished. After that, you will be able to find the shortcut icon on your desktop. Double click the icon of Nox App Player to start using it.

Check the Google Play Store shortcut and then click it. Now configure and enter your account details to log in with your username and password. After that, look for the HapSee app and then install it.

Now, check the App Drawer of Nox App Player, you will be able to find the HapSee app for PC once the installation has been completed.

How To Install It From APK File

In some instances, you may want to avoid the installation from the Google Play Store, or the PlayStore app is blocked to your network. To solve this problem, you can use a strong VPN application or just install the HapSee app from an APK file.

To get the APK file of this app, look for it on the Google search or other search engines that you prefer. Save the APK file once you have finished it and then run the emulator program on your computer.

After that, drag the APK file of the HapSee app into the window of BlueStacks or Nox Player. Now, release your mouse and this will pop the installation window on your screen. Follow what it says until you complete the installation.

Once you have installed the HapSee app on Windows & Mac, you can now use it and connect your CCTV devices.

The only problem with this method is the automatic updates since the HapSee was not installed from the PlayStore, you cannot update it automatically.

If you want to get the latest version, you need to download again the latest APK and replace the installed file of your BlueStacks or Nox App Player.

Speed Up Emulation Of HapSee App

There are some other things that you can use for modification of the emulator, this is by enabling the Virtualization Technology option from your BIOS menu.

If you enable this option the performance of the HapSee will increase exponentially. So, you should consider enabling this option on your BIOS menu.

Otherwise, if you think that the HapSee app on a computer does not lag or it is running fine, you can just skip this step.

What Features Does The HapSee Have?

  • You can safely remove and view the feeds of your surveillance camera installed on your home, office, or store whenever you are as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • It allows you to control the IP camera hardware to move it and make basic operations like Pan, Tilt, and Zoom.
  • You can save the record of the feeds into the cloud storage.
  • Viewing the HapSee from your computer is possible when using an emulator program.
  • It allows you to create an alarm that can notify you whenever it detects motion.
  • You can also create a snapshot of the video feeds.
  • By remotely viewing the camera, the HapSee app allows you to view the previous record of your camera.


Using the HapSee for PC – Windows & Mac provides us a comfortable way of viewing the CCTV record feeds. With the help of BlueStacks or Nox, this removes the compatibility issue of android apps to Windows & Mac computers.

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